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2nd Annual Pooch Playoffs!

A fun Competition

Help raise money for charity

Artwork of your furbabies!

What is Pooch Playoffs?

Raising money for Pet Charity. 

Supporting local businesses. 

Bringing attention to rescues and important issues.

A fun bracket style competition, where your dog gets to compete for southern Arizona's ulti-MUTT cutie! 

Artwork of your furry family members!

Get ready for a bracket-style competition for the Cutest Canine in Tucson! Participants will pay $99 to enter their pooch to compete for exciting prizes while benefiting ____ .  (charity chosen this year is coming soon! ) Portrait sessions will be held at Amanda Sue Photography Studio for the competition in March. Every few days pups will be matched up with another pooch to be voted the Ulti-mutt Cutie in Tucson!
 All entrants will receive a full pet portrait session, an adorable metal pet portrait keychain, a sWAG bag (emphasis on the “wag”) full of goodies donated by local businesses and their entry into the Ulti-mutt Cutest Canine Competition, Pooch Playoffs.


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Want to be a part of the fun?


Sign up your pup!

$99 session fee gets your pup entered and your session fee will go to Tucson Rescue Now!

You will receive; a photography Session for your furbaby, a Signature Keychain with an image of your pup, a sWAG bag full of items from local businesses, and a chance for your pup to be voted as Tucson’s Ulti-mutt cutie. Which just so happens to come with a grand prize, official trophy and bragging rights! 
It’s kind of a big deal!



We could not do this without the help of sponsors! 

Ways to sponsor:

1. Monetary sponsorship to help cover the costs involved to run pooch Playoffs. (swag pags, gifts, etc)
2. Pet friendly items to go into our swag bags or toward prizes! This could be items or coupons / gift certificates for services. 


Share and vote! 

Option 3, share with your friends and family! 

Maybe you know someone with the cutest pup in town?

Or,  you know someone that would love to sponsor?

Send them our way!

Questions or want to sign up? Click to give me a call or text!

A look back!

Last year was so much fun and together we raised over $1500 for Tucson Rescue Now.

I loved seeing our community come together for a fun event and to work together to support TRN! I loved it so much, we are back at it again!

Sign me up for Pooch Playoffs 2024!

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors!

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